Béla Fleck & Chris Thile!

I was there!

Oakland, California.

The Fox Theater.

This was the seventh of eight shows they were doing together. Two virtuosos. No supporting musicians. Just two amazing players seated on a chair (Fleck) and bar stool (Thile).

Wow! Fleck on 1937 banjo. Thile on a 1920's mandolin.

Thile sang a few songs but mostly they just played and played! It was an amazing thing to watch two guys who are REALLY good at their craft play at full tilt before a crowd of 1,600.

Through my musician's brain filter I wondered what it took for them to get to this place. A whole lot of innate talent? The 10,000+ hours? It's difficult to comprehend. But, wow, what a treat to hear!

And I was so stoked to hear great music and be with my family and friends that I twice patted my friend Geoff on the arm as he returned to the seats with beers in hand and caused him to spill the drinks on the lady next to me (stranger) and Fran on the other side of me! I tend to get a little excited when I'm in a place I really want to be . . .

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