Gettin' it, keeping it or losing it! 

I've heard it said that country songs are either about gettin' it, keepin' it or losin' it. Now I don't write much in the country style but I made of the list of my songs that I think loosely fit in these categories:


Getting It


I Hope You Do


Love Will Find You

Struck by the Light of Her Smile

Waiting for You to Find Me


Keeping It


It Feels so Good

Oh Baby

Belle of the Ball

Our Way


True Joy

We're Here

Wild Blue Yonder


Losing It


A Hole in the Nest


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Holiday Wish 

God bless the second-guessers and the dreamers and the lovers and the planners and the shoot-from-the-hippers and the squatters and the pilers and the keep-it-all-orderliers.

The leavers and caretakers.

The givers and the takers.

The shiny ones and the I'll-decide-if-you're-a-shiny-oners.

The sleepers and the coaxers and the travelers, too.

We're all in this together whether you like it or not!

I hope you have a great holiday season.


You have choices! 

"The itunes library has 26 millions songs. Lets say the average size of each song is 3mb and the average length is 3 minutes. The storage size for all these songs would be 76171.875 GB or 74.38 Terabytes. The total length of all these songs would be 1,300,000 hours or 54166.66 days or 148.3 years. So in our individual lifetimes it would be impossible to listen to the complete itunes library, let alone every recorded song since the beginning of time." - Jonathan Campbell, Artist, Musician, & Geek

I really…

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Made in the USA (follow up) 

You may know from a previous blog post that I have been attempting to purchase only items made in the US. I've bought several articles of clothing in the past few months that are in fact made in America.

One of the reasons that I wanted to buy clothing items made here was that I've read that they are generally higher quality than those made off shore.

In May of this year I bought a red colored 100% cotton polo shirt (with front pocket) made by the Camber USA company. Purchase price: $40.98. After two…

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I'm not sure it's attainable. Even the founding fathers spoke of having a right to the PURSUIT of happiness. And maybe that's what makes us happy is in the pursuing of it.

Or maybe it is . . . The Merrian-Webster website says the first definition of happy is a "feeling pleasure and enjoyment because of your life, situation, etc." I think I got that . . .

Is my "happy" under my control? Completely.

I get to do the choosing. I get to decide to experience enjoyment regarding my situation.

And if I'm not I'd…

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At the kind of venues I play, the goal is to keep the volume at a level that is at once engaging, i.e. you can pay attention and know what is being communicated, but not too loud if you want to you just want to hang out and talk with friends.

There are a lot of subtleties involved with this endeavor! 

There is no point to a venue having live music if it can't be enjoyed by those who want to enjoy it.

And yet I get the feeling sometimes that some folks are annoyed that live music is happening at all. Oh…

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One of the life changing books for me has been Julia Cameron's "Artist's Way".

Cameron talks about the power of the journal. The act of journaling. Three pages each day. Longhand. Start with a blank page. Pen or pencil. No typing allowed!

I have half of a bookshelf shelf filled with stream-of-consciousness writing. It's been really good for me. Changed my life, as I said.

Great book . . . The intent is the get the creative self unblocked. What I found was that as I continued to write in the journal that…

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Road Trip Often? 

Some of you know that my day job is a residential real estate appraiser. For those of you who didn't - now you know!

I've built relationships with bank clients who know and trust my work and send me relatively distant from my home office for assignments. And I'm really okay with that, in fact, I love it because I love a road trip!

I would rather get paid to go to a distant job and experience the long drive and complete one assignment than get hired to write two assignments that are close to home. I love a…

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Béla Fleck & Chris Thile! 

I was there!

Oakland, California.

The Fox Theater.

This was the seventh of eight shows they were doing together. Two virtuosos. No supporting musicians. Just two amazing players seated on a chair (Fleck) and bar stool (Thile).

Wow! Fleck on 1937 banjo. Thile on a 1920's mandolin.

Thile sang a few songs but mostly they just played and played! It was an amazing thing to watch two guys who are REALLY good at their craft play at full tilt before a crowd of 1,600.

Through my musician's brain filter I wondered…

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Early Promise Concerts 

January 15, 1994 - Yuba City, California

November 13, 1993 - Youth Rally, Paradise, California

March 13, 1993 - Orangevale Youth Rally, Orangevale, California

November 10, 1990 - Tracy SDA Church, Tracy, California

6:00 P.M. - October 13, 1990 - Mountain View, California

6:30 P.M. - September 22, 1990 - Manteca SDA Church, Manteca, California

7:00 P.M. - August 18, 1990 - Youth Rally, Pleasant Hill SDA Church, Pleasant Hill, California

3:00 P.M. - June 23, 1990 - Pacific Union College, Anqwin, California

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