1. Arco

Recorded, mixed & mastered by Matt Young, The Press Recording Studio, Stockton, California, December 1, 2016, January 20, 2017 and March 2, 2017.
Guitar & Vocal: Bart Vogel


1. Why is the cheapest gas always the toughest to buy?
Why does it come from gas pumps that are never washed or dryed?
Why do I have to drive across a dirty parking lot?
And coming out of the men's room, I wonder what I’ve caught.
CHORUS: Here I go, oh, here I go to ARCO.
Here I go, oh, here I go to save.
Here I go, oh, here I go to spend some of my dough, oh.
Here I go, oh, here I go to ARCO.
2. Are all the ARCO customers always pushed out of shape?
Or are they just ticked off because they have to wait?
Why does the cheapest fuel come with a service fee?
Why am I willing to pay that charge - they’re not fooling me?
3. Have you ever noticed the entrance is on the wrong side of the street?
You can always easily get there but you cannot retreat!
But while you’re caught at the station you can have a corn dog or two!
You can even score a bag of chips or maybe a mountain dew!
BRIDGE: Supply and demand. It’s out of my hand. It’s all about the money. So true it’s funny!
Here I go, oh, here I go to AR - CO.