Bart Vogel as Art 

Lodi, California photographer, Glenda McBride, entered three photographs of Bart Vogel in the "50th Jubilee Spring Art Annual at Woodbridge Winery" which took place March 20 & 21, 2010 from 11:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.  Titles of the three works are "Encore in Solitude", "Deeply in Tune" and "Bring It! Together".  For more information or to purchase any of these works contact LCAC at  See photo by Lorie Clark in Photo Gallery.

R.I.P., Keith 

Bart's first guitar mentor, Keith Knoche, passed away suddenly in October. Bart recalls, "When I was a teenager Keith paid attention to me, took time with me and encouraged me to play the guitar. Keith, although eleven years my senior, was cool. He always had a sense of humor. I was president of my 8th grade class and I went to Keith for advice in writing my graduation speech. He took the time, hours, to help me through the process. I also remember sitting in his living room in Clear Lake, California and…

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Today we live from a place of abundance. We choose to thrive! We choose to spend from a place of plenty and not a place of want. Today is a new start. Today we get another chance. How grateful we are for the flow of Goodness and grace. How thankful we are for the favor shone on us from above us and around us. We invite you into this place of peace and safety.

-Barton J. Vogel




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