1.Wonderfully sensuous. Optically amazing.
Mamma to the children. All the time questioning.
Now and then comical. Insightful and inspiring.
Nowhere near explainable. Lover of the roses. 
Oranges and the coconut. Velvet to my finger tips.
Explorer of the universe.  She’s a woman - in - love.
2. Wild as the wilderness. Ornery only sometimes.
Manageable? Uh-uh. Always so beautiful.
Never quite predictable. Intricate and exotic.
Never understandable. Lovely and delicious.
Only sometimes irrational. Very warm and nurturing.
Even philosophical.  She’s a woman - in - love.
3. Wicked when she wants me. Oh so coy when she needs me. 
Multiple dispositions.  Available when it suits her.
Not always emotional. Intelligent. Creative.
Naturally appointed. Lucky that she has me.
On and off she needs me. Voicing all her worries.
Ever rolling those eyes.  She’s a woman - in - love.
4. Instrumental Verse
5. Wondering what I'm thinking.  Overly protective. 
Making me sometimes shiver.  Appealing to my senses.
Needing reassurance. Inviting conversation.
Not easily persuaded. Looking for the next hug.
Open and responsive. Vane and temperamental.
Eventually forgiving.  She’s a woman - in - love. Oh, love. Oh, love.