Road Trip Often?

Some of you know that my day job is a residential real estate appraiser. For those of you who didn't - now you know!

I've built relationships with bank clients who know and trust my work and send me relatively distant from my home office for assignments. And I'm really okay with that, in fact, I love it because I love a road trip!

I would rather get paid to go to a distant job and experience the long drive and complete one assignment than get hired to write two assignments that are close to home. I love a road trip.

I like the time to think that a road trip provides.

I love the unexpected things that I see.

I love the unexpected places I end up on a free flowing road trip.

I've discovered new places, parks, architecture within an hour or two of my home.

Recently I went over to Palo Alto to my favorite guitar repair place. After I dropped off the M-38 at the store to have its binding re-glued, I wandered toward home and before very long I stumbled upon Bedwell Bayfront Park on the southwest shore of the San Francisco Bay, where I ended going for an afternoon hike and enjoying the vistas and views of The Bay.

I love the physicality of the road trip  . . . of being behind the wheel . . . the freedom of going wherever I want to go.

I enjoy doing it alone but  there is also the added pleasure of doing it with someone else along.

There are nothing like the conversations that happen on a road trip. The tacks that conversation and thoughts can take you. Just the time that being in a vehicle affords. To not have to rush things. To not have the interruptions of normal life.

If I really want to catch up with a friend or family member I choose a long drive in the truck as a way to bring that about. I love the honest conversations and all the detail that happens sitting in the front seat of the old pick up.

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