Made in the USA (follow up)

You may know from a previous blog post that I have been attempting to purchase only items made in the US. I've bought several articles of clothing in the past few months that are in fact made in America.

One of the reasons that I wanted to buy clothing items made here was that I've read that they are generally higher quality than those made off shore.

In May of this year I bought a red colored 100% cotton polo shirt (with front pocket) made by the Camber USA company. Purchase price: $40.98. After two washings a portion of the pocket stitching came loose. I took it up to Tina's and she re-stitched it for $5.00. Total investment: $45.98.

In March 2014 I bought four polo shirts from Target for $64.76 or $16.19 per shirt (made in Indonesia). Only one of the four survives. But none of them ever came unstitched . . .

I feel like the Camber polo shirt is better quality. It feels like better quality. We'll see how long it lasts . . .

Also in May of this year I bought a pair of jeans from the Round House American Made Jeans company. Lot #103. Dark Stone Washed Relaxed Fit! Purchase price: $48.58. Last week I was wearing them at home and sat down to eat and noticed that the crotched had come unstitched. I called the company to get them repaired or replaced - they refunded me $39.95 (price of jeans not including shipping) and told me to just order another pair on line. I did and I took the first pair up to Tina's. She re-stitched them for $10.00 on the spot. So if you add the two purchase prices minus the refund plus Tina's re-stitching you come up with a number of $33.60 per pair . . .

Over the last few years I've been paying $62.64 for Made in Mexico Wrangler jeans. None of them have come unstitched. They usually last a couple of years or so.

I feel like the Round House jeans are better fabric. I really like the way they feel on. We'll see how they wear over the long haul.

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