One of the life changing books for me has been Julia Cameron's "Artist's Way".

Cameron talks about the power of the journal. The act of journaling. Three pages each day. Longhand. Start with a blank page. Pen or pencil. No typing allowed!

I have half of a bookshelf shelf filled with stream-of-consciousness writing. It's been really good for me. Changed my life, as I said.

Great book . . . The intent is the get the creative self unblocked. What I found was that as I continued to write in the journal that ideas came and solutions to problems showed up in ways that they probably wouldn't have otherwise. I jumped some large financial hurdles by way of writing with my pen in my journal book. Pretty amazing now that I think and tell you about it.

I love inspiring sayings and quotes. And Cameron places quotes of thought leaders, spiritual leaders, musicians, writers and philosophers in the margins of "The Artist's Way".

One among several caught my attention. She quoted Joseph Campbell as saying "Jump!". I had to write a song. I know Van Halen has their "Jump" but I had to write mine . . .

A song about not sitting around anymore. You just got to do it. It's time to go. Got to jump!

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