Date Stamped

I put dates on just about everything.

The new farm-style dining table.

Songs that I write.

My journal entries.

I love keeping track of when I make purchases.

I have a whole account in my Quicken software entitled "Assets." My…


Needle in a Haystack . . .

That you are even reading this is amazing to me. That we would find each other here . . . that you would take to time to click in. That you would find me here at all!

Maybe I handed…


Neat Freaks Are Superior

What is it about neat freaks?

I mean they cop an attitude like they're something special (which they are!) . . . Now I AM somewhat of a neat freak and I do feel superior (okay, maybe not really superior…


How Do I Get Better?

I decided to get better on the guitar about eight years ago… And I first met Tim Spencer in August 2008. At that moment I had been playing the guitar for a number of years… Since I was a teenager…


How Much is a Serving?

When I unexpectedly became a bachelor a few years ago I had a learn how to cook for myself! I mean, I had some idea and had cooked infrequently for my kids while their mother was attending evening classes toward…


The Day I "Met" Greg Brown

I was driving around Northern San Joaquin County one foggy Sunday afternoon in late winter 2003 listening to a local NPR music program. I had just turned on the show (one I had never listened to before) as the host…


Feeling Like a Movie Star

When I stand in the shower facing the wall (where the shower arm comes out) with my head down and the shower spray hitting my occipital protuberance I feel like a movie star!


Non-Shaving Day

Today is Non-Shaving Day! What? Well, I'll tell you. When I went through divorce few years ago one of the things I did to signify to myself that it is okay to be the man I need to be (and…