Bart Vogel

Sherman Isle

Spencer & Vogel
Date Released: 06/25/2015
Words & Music: Barton J. Vogel


1. Heading from the dock at four o’clock

There was too much wind to raise the Genoa

So we raised the working jib in its place

And the main was reefed to fight the weather helm

Chorus: This is the water I remember

This is the strait I recall

I’ll not forget you sitting on the gunwale

Adding ballast as we reached for Sherman Isle

2. The boxes filled with food were stowed below

Other gear secured on forward berths

The sail bags empty now were tucked inside

She was ready for the winds to have their way


Hi Dee Hi Dee Ho, Hi Dee Hi Dee Ho

Hi Dee Hi Dee Ho, Hi Dee Ho

3. Flying down the wind at Golden Hour

We ate our sandwiches and mango fruit

As we tipped our bottles up and quenched our thirst

I looked off starboard bow and had the thought:

(Chorus) (Hi Dee . . .) (Hi Dee . . .)

(Chorus) (Hi Dee . . .) (Hi Dee . . .)


Copyright 2009