Bart Vogel

It Feels so Good

Spencer & Vogel
Date Released: 01/19/2017
Words & Music: Barton J. Vogel


Recorded, mixed & mastered by Mark F. Maier, TJROX Audio, Lodi, California, August 2, August 9 and December 27, 2016.

Photography & artwork by Robert Mohr

Electric Guitar & Vocals: Tim Spencer

Acoustic Guitar & Vocals: Bart Vogel


1. They worked all morning in the orchard that summer weekend day

The house by the shore was a long held dream and as they stood there in the shade she said

CHORUS: It feels so good. It feels so - good. It feels so good. It feels so good.

2. He slipped his arm around her shoulder and pulled her body near.

He turned his face toward her head and whispered these words in her ear.


Bridge: They’ve been planning all this for some time with an architect and such

It has seemed a little tough at times but it’s worth it because they love so much

They love so much they want to settle down.



3. He took her by the hand and led her all the way upstairs.

As he helped her with the buttons on her shirt and old blue jeans she said




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